Women and girls’ empowerment

In terms of Women and girls, we will endeavour to promote positive attitudes and behaviour toward women and girls, ensuring their contribution is valued and are treated fairly and with respect. We will challenge violence, abuse, and neglect and will expose the risks of violence, abuse, and neglect women and girls face. We will be keen to ensure no women or girl is left behind, especially women and girls with disability and the most vulnerable. We will take a stand against the discrimination against women and girls. Particularly, we will engage all stakeholders including duty bearers, the wider community, women, and girls themselves to ensure immediate action. We will support the economic empowerment of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) survivors, skilling of survivors in relevant trades, and provide support to Brand Ambassadors and refugee women in leadership. We will support Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) activities, especially Menstrual Health Management (MHM)/Menstrual Health Hygiene (MHH), and sex education at the county and national levels.

Our capacity building will target community elders, law enforcers, partners, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), etc. to be able to prevent and respond against FGM and early marriages. We will create awareness and education through radio talk shows, campaigns, and the provision of materials on SGBV. Building on the good partnership that we have developed with the institutions involved in the administration of justice, we will provide technical support to courts, police, SGBV survivors, gender desk, and child support units. We will partner with other organizations to establish Toll-free line on SGBV and campaign around body positivity targeting schools. We will advocate against SGBV and harmful cultural practices. We will document SGBV cases and champion the elimination of FGM amongst the displaced and host communities. 

We will know change has taken place when there is the elimination of discrimination based on gender and strong advocacy for equality and equity of women and men, boys, and girls.