fredericksburg: A refugee crisis few talk about, and why we should care

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  AFTER several years of civil war in Syria, millions of displaced citizens have fled and continue to flee from their country seeking safety. The words “refugees” and “migrants” have made headlines across the globe, and the international community still struggles to find a solution for helping the Syrian people. But while the world remains fixated on the refugee crisis in the Middle East, another perilous crisis exists in South Sudan, and in many regards, this tragedy is more incredible—and perhaps offers a more inspiring and thoughtful approach. The split of the southern region of Sudan from the northern part of the country has brought on a tumultuous transition. The ripples caused by this bloody civil war have created waves of disruption to local agriculture and infrastructure, and famine has become widespread. Many citizens face extreme poverty and starvation. These horrific conditions have spurred a massive exodus of people seeking food, water and survival, with the vast majority ending up…

NYTIMES: 300,000 Child Refugees and Migrants Traveled Alone in ’15 and ’16, U.N. Says

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The number of children traveling by themselves among documented refugees and migrants has nearly quintupled to the highest on record, and many of them are at risk from smugglers, sex traffickers and other predators, the United Nations said in a report published on Wednesday. The report said the findings amounted to an alarming international lapse in providing basic safety and security for the world’s most vulnerable people. “One child moving alone is one too many, and yet today, there are a staggering number of children doing just that,” said Justin Forsyth, the deputy executive director of Unicef. “We as adults are failing to protect them.” To read more, Click here

Reliefweb: Durable Solutions: Ivorian Refugees, Q1 2017

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Finding Solutions Voluntary repatriation is the most viable durable solution among Ivorian refugees. UNHCR also pursues local integration and resettlement, the latter as a protection tool based on needs. Côte d’Ivoire was selected as a pilot country for the UN Secretary-General’s Policy Committee Decision on durable solutions for IDPs and returning refugees in 2012. As per the Decision, UNHCR and UNDP spearheaded the strategy in coordination with national authorities and partners for reconstruction, livelihood and reconciliation activities. UNHCR has been implementing community-based programmes to address the needs and improve the living conditions of refugees, returnees, former IDPs and stateless people in major areas of settlement Achievement After the socio-political situation normalized following the 2011 crisis, over 260,000 persons repatriated to Côte d’Ivoire between 2011 and 2016 from 26 countries across Africa, Europe and Asia; nearly 200,000 persons spontaneously, and 60,872 persons through voluntary repatriation facilitated by UNHCR. This has been achieved despite the outbreak of the Ebola virus epidemic in…

WFP: China Contributes US$5 Million To WFP To Support Refugees In Kenya

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Today the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a US$5 million contribution from the Government of China to support 420,000 refugees living in camps in northern Kenya. After more than a year of ration cuts caused by a shortage of funding, new donor contributions from China and other countries have allowed WFP to resume full food rations to refugees from April to July.  In Kenya, refugees cannot work outside the refugee camps and with limited sources of income, they are heavily dependent on WFP for food. “We welcome this critical contribution from China as WFP has struggled to provide adequate food to refugees living in camps in food-insecure northern Kenya due to insufficient funds,” said Annalisa Conte, WFP’s Country Director and Representative for Kenya. “It is important that our donors continue to support this much-needed assistance for the refugees, especially when they are also vulnerable to the effects of the severe drought affecting the country,” she added. Every…

Daily Nation: $1.4bn needed to help South Sudanese refugees, says UN

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The United Nations said Monday that $1.4 billion (1.3 billion euros) was needed this year alone to help the nearly two million people who have fled war and famine in South Sudan. The UNHCR refugee agency and the World Food Programme presented an updated response plan to the crisis in appealing for nearly double the $781 million they had previously said they needed. “Bitter conflict and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in South Sudan are driving people from their homes in record numbers,” UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said in a statement. South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, fell into a brutal civil war in December 2013, just two years after it spilt from the north. To Read more, Click here
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