UNHCR survey shows poor nutrition status among refugee children in South Sudan (SOURCE: CNBC AFRICA)

Over 24 thousand or 44% of refugee children under the age of 5 in South Sudan suffer from growth retardation or stunting, according to a nutrition survey findings published by UNHCR today.

The survey which was conducted among refugee children under 5 years old in 8 refugee camps and settlements across South Sudan in December 2017 revealed that 6.2 per cent or 3,391 out of the total of 54,172 refugee children under 5 years old were suffering from acute malnutrition. Although below the emergency threshold of 15%, 6.2% prevalence indicates poor nutrition status of refugee children. The survey also revealed that 48% or 26,000 of refugee children were suffering from anaemia.

Overall nutrition status of refugee children has improved as compared to previous years, however the number of children suffering from stunting, acute malnutrition and anaemia remains to be a matter of high concern.