The East African: South Sudan waives visa fees for foreigners fleeing Sudan war

South Sudan on Monday said it will waive visa fees for foreign nationals fleeing conflict across its border with neighboring Sudan.

South Sudan’s Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport, and Immigration Director general Atem Marol Biar has directed immigration officers at all border-crossing points with Sudan not to charge visa fees to foreigners.

“On the issue of people coming from Sudan, we have given clear directives in line with the international law. People running away from the conflict have to be received well and I have directed officials to allow them without asking for visa payment,” Biar told journalists in South Sudan’s capital, Juba.

He said that foreigners who opt to stay in the country as refugees will be registered by authorities with support from humanitarian agencies.

“What we are doing is a plan. We need to be very careful. Juba is not a refugee camp. When you want somebody to stay on transit there is no problem. You have to indicate the days for staying while you make arrangements,” Biar said.

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