RCK Annual Report 2022

The year under review brings an immense pride that we can reflect on as an organization. Our tireless efforts throughout the year was cemented by the award received as the first runner up Civil Society Organization of the year, presented by the Law Society of Kenya. Our commitment to broad based and meaningful advocacy, legal aid and protection, and socio-economic inclusion has been pivotal in progressively realizing systemic and social change within the refugees’ management and protection space. In 2022, RCK amplified its advocacy initiatives through sustained collaboration and dialogue with various stakeholders. Notably, RCK took on the crucial role of serving as the secretary to the Refugees Act Taskforce, playing an integral part in continuous engagements aimed at ensuring the development and effective implementation of refugee-related policies. Furthermore, our active involvement in the review process of the Huduma Namba Bill, presented at the esteemed chambers of the National Assembly, signified our dedication to contributing to legislative discussions that impact the refugee community. RCK’s role in these significant endeavors underscores our ongoing commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of refugees in Kenya. The year 2022 has been a testament to our collective dedication and unwavering resolve in these critical areas.

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