2011 Annual Report

Click here to download our Annual Report for 2011.

The year 2011 was an important one in the history of RCK. It reflected a number of achievements both in the general management of RCK as well as in its work.

In this year, RCK achieved great milestones in its financial management. Through concerted fundraising efforts and strategic organisational management, RCK was by the end of 2011, able to boast about a robust financial portfolio which is a major credit to its activities and to thelongevity of the organisation as a whole. This achievement could not have come at a better time given the recent economic crisis which has had an indirect effect on organisations receiving funding from the countries affected.

On the strength of this financial success, RCK has expanded its offices in both the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, through extra personnel and an expansion of the physical facilities, effectively extending the reach of RCK’s activities so as to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.