Refugee Insights Issue No. 28

This issue was Titled; Promoting Access to Justice and Governance in Turkana County Click here to view the magazine.

Refugee Insights Issue No. 27

This issue was Titled; An overview of the problem of Xenophobia. Click here to view the magazine.

RCK Bulletin: Government’s renewed efforts to relocate urban refugees

Download Newsletter. A fresh Government statement ordering all urban refugees to the camps was issued by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination on 26th of March, 2014. This was following the death of 6 people who were fatally shot in a church in Likoni, Mombasa. Download to read more.

Refugee Insights Issue No. 21

Download Newsletter. In this newsletter, titled 'Back to basics - extending our work in protection and intervention' we seek to present the human face of asylum, through stories and articles that relate to the most basic of human needs, the quest for hope, the foundation of the family and the instinct to do…

Refugee Insights Issue 20

Download Newsletter. In this newsletter, titled Redefining Protection, we take a deeper look at the circumstances of displaced persons and how these affect their protection. Articles include: While Empowering Women, Don't Forget the Men and the Boys Refugee Protection in a Reformed Constitutional Order Stabilising Somalia