Allafrica: Let’s Pledge to Help South Sudan Refugees in Uganda

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OPINION By Elizabeth Pfifer As refugees from South Sudan arrive in Uganda in increasing numbers - more than 2,000 a day according to the UN - the international community's willingness and ability to respond remains essential to saving lives. Widespread and intense violence in South Sudan over the last few years has forced thousands of refugees to seek refuge in northern Uganda. People in South Sudan do not have food as violence has brought agriculture to a halt. It is too dangerous to till the fields. The current drought that has affected recent harvests across the Horn of Africa, has made matters worse. The ways people usually cope through such droughts - fishing, hunting, foraging for wild fruit or tree bark - are also increasingly risky due to the violence. Click here to read the full article

The Star: UNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie marks World Refugee Day in Kenya

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UN Refugee agency special envoy Angelina Jolie marked World Refugee Day on Tuesday at a Kenyan home housing refugee girls who fled unaccompanied or split from their parents while fleeing conflict. The Hollywood star visited at least 20 of girls in a safe house in Nairobi. They had fled conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and Rwanda, UNHCR said in a statement. It said almost all had experienced sexual and gender-based violence and many had given birth after being raped or were pregnant. “The role of sexual violence is compounded when it is carried out by someone in uniform who has taken an oath to protect," Jolie said. "So it is a responsibility of those who wear uniform to take the lead now by correcting from within, setting an example astepping forward with new commitments." The UNHCR says Kenya hosts some 491,000 refugees, of which 101,713 are from South Sudan, which the UN has…

The Star: Kenya repatriated over 33,800 in 2016 – UNHCR report

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Kenya repatriated 33,800 refugees to Somalia in 2016, states a UNHCR report released on Tuesday. It further revealed that the number of countries to which refugees have returned increased from 39 in 2015 to 40 in 2016 globally. "About 36,100 returns to Somalia were reported - mostly from Kenya - but with smaller numbers also from Yemen." According to the report released on World Refugee Day, the population of asylum seekers in Kenya declined from 553,900 to 451,100 in 2016, accounting for nearly 20 per cent. Click here to read the full article.

Allafrica: Uganda, UN Appeal for $8 Billion for South Sudan Refugees

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Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni and UN chief Antonio Guterres will on Friday host a conference to raise funds for South Sudanese refugees. Nearly one million have crossed into Uganda since conflict broke out in 2013. They come with the little they could save from their homes having fled war and famine. They come in their thousands, everyday. The border between South Sudan and Uganda is controlled, but officials there allow all refugees to enter. More than 900,000 South Sudanese refugees are sheltering on plots of land often donated by Ugandans. Uganda's refugee policy has been called one of the most progressive in the world because refugees are allowed freedom of movement and can operate their own businesses. Click here to read more
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