Malawi24: Home is not safe: Rwandan refugees ask to stay

Rwandans living in host countries have pleaded not to be sent back to their country arguing Rwanda is not safe for them.

In a petition sent to United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), concerned Rwandan citizen based in United States of America (USA) Memory Mugisha has pleaded with the refugees’ body not to send the Rwandans back to their country.

Dzaleka refugee camp

Rwandan refugees ask to stay in Malawi.(File)

Mugisha disclosed that the Rwandan government wants to prosecute and persecute those that are to return to the country hence the plea.

“Those who return to Rwanda including refugees or former refugees have been disappeared by Rwanda’s security forces; while others have been held incommunicado for long periods of time.

“The Rwandan government has repeatedly gone after refugees in neighbouring countries and either assassinated or abducted refugees from their countries of refuge,” reads part of the petition.

The petition then mentions some of the people who were assassinated or abducted when they went back to Rwanda.

According to Mugisha, assassinations and abductions have occurred in the DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Cameroon and South Africa.

The petition further disclose that Rwandan government lacks respect for the rights of refugees in the country.

In December last year, the UNHCR removed the refugee status of all Rwandans living in host countries such as Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa.

The development means Rwandan refugees are to be sent back home or seek proper documents to support their stay in host countries.

SOURCE: Malawi 24