Legal Aid and governance

During the next five years, we will build on the success of the legal aid programme – which has become the hallmark of our organization – in advising and representing the displaced populations on legal matters related to their welfare and rights. Particularly, we will advocate for the development and implementation of the displaced and host population-inclusive laws, policies, and systems to guarantee their rights across all sectors, tracking implementation and holding actors to account. Specifically, we will play a pivotal role in the implementation of the Refugee Act 2021 and the development of the requisite regulations.  We will ensure that the policies, plans, and budgets enacted at the county, country, and regional levels respond to the needs of the displaced and host populations. We will ensure that our partnership with the institutions responsible for the administration of justice and governance is strong while at the same time seeking efforts at Alternative Dispute Resolution. We will ensure that our advocacy efforts are evidence-based through research, knowledge management, and learning. Particularly, we will enhance our legal support to community institutions and broaden our legal services through venturing into areas such as paralegals and the engagement of pro-bono advocates. As part of our capacity-building efforts, we will organize legal practitioners’ training, and continue to institutionalize internships for young graduates to create a community of legal practice in Kenya. In addition, we will strengthen legislation work with County Assembly and National Assembly to ensure inclusive governance for the displaced populations. We will conduct internal legal aid and mobile clinics, provide legal advice, and organize stakeholder forums on various laws as part of our legal information drive. We will share education materials as we set up community forums and legal information hubs.