International & National Advocacy Networks

International Networks

International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)


This is a global network of NGOs which seeks to enhance collaboration and coordination for NGOs and other humanitarian actors which is crucial to improving the lives of communities affected by humanitarian crises. RCK sits in the board of ICVA and has been instrumental in profiling issues of refugees and other forced migrants within Kenya and the Horn of Africa region at the international level, especially during the UNHCR Executive Committee meetings and annual consultations.

International Detention Coalition (IDC)


This is an international non-profit network of organization that advocates for greater respect for the human rights of detainees. RCK does participates in the Coalition’s international and regional conferences and workshops and has been instrumental in the Coalition’s advocacy on alternatives to detention.

Southern Legal Aid Network (SRLAN)


This is an online platform of organizations within the global south that offer legal aid services to refugees. The platform offers member organizations with an opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences and coordinate advocacy and legal challenges with the support and expertise of a network of practitioners. RCK participates in the SRLAN’s Steering Committee and has been instrumental in the development of the Nairobi Code – a code of ethics which binds legal aid organizations during their provision of legal services to clients.

Universal Periodic Review (UPR) & ICCPR

RCK has been participating in the monitoring of state compliance to various international treaties and conventions that it is a party to through the development and contributing to the alternative/shadow reports developed by various civil society organizations. RCK has been able to profile issues of refugees and IDPs in the reports. The process of developing the shadow reports are steered by the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights.

African Commission on Human & People’s Rights (ACHPR)

RCK has applied for observer status and we will be participating in the 54th Ordinary Session of the Commission. RCK has also been involved in the development of the shadow/alternative reports developed by CSOs to highlight the status of human rights in Kenya. In particular RCK has highlighted the plight of refugees and IDPs in Kenya and the emerging gaps as far as implementation by the Kenyan Government on the various regional African conventions that it is a party to.

National Networks

Urban Refugee Protection Network (URPN)

This is a network that convenes various agencies working on refugee issues within the Urban areas. Its secretariat is the UNHCR. RCK participates actively in various thematic groups of the URPN such as the legal and advocacy group, Child Protection Thematic Group, Resettlement Thematic Group, Livelihoods and Education Thematic Group and SGBV Thematic Group.

Protection Working Group on Internal Displacement (PWGID)

This is a national coordination forum that convenes organizations working on internal displacement issues in Kenya. It is co-chaired by the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights and the State Law Office. RCK chairs and convenes the advocacy sub-group whose mandate is to lobby the Government on policies and issues related to protecting and assisting IDPs.

Mixed Migration Task Force

This task force is convened by the Danish Refugee Council and its mandate is to conduct researches and advocacy on mixed migration issues within the Horn of Africa.

East Africa Civil Society Forum (EACSOF)

This is an autonomous umbrella body of all NGOs in East Africa whose mandate seeks to build and promote solidarity and reciprocity among CSOs in East Africa for their improvement on advocacy around social security and regional integration within the EAC. RCK participates in the forums conferences and lobbies for the development of relevant policies within the EAC in regard to forced migration.