Terms of Reference

    1.1 Refugee Consortium of Kenya (RCK)

RCK is a national NGO which was established in 1998 in response to the increasingly complex refugee situation in Kenya. RCK’s mission is to safeguard and protect the rights and dignity of forced migrants and host communities through the provision of legal aid, psychosocial services, advocacy, capacity building and promotion of inclusive governance. RCK services include:

  1. Provision of legal aid services through representation in the Kenyan courts of law on: asylum and immigration related matters, sexual and gender based violence and custody and guardianship related cases; legal counselling and psychosocial counselling,
  2. Advocacy initiatives towards development of friendly policies and laws for refugees, IDPs, returnees, stateless persons and host communities.
  3. Protection and monitoring of rights through engagement with community monitors, research, documentation and dissemination of information.
  4. Capacity building of refugees, other forced migrants, host communities, stakeholders and partners who interact with forced migrants on a day to day basis.

1.2 Background

RCK is currently gearing itself to include sub-granting to other organizations in its programming. As it embarks on the implementation of its 2023 – 2027 strategic plan, and as it continues to secure partnerships with new donors, RCK will sub-grant part of its programmes/projects to third party organizations with specific skills sets and geographical presence. Besides, in the spirit of localization, is continuously involving grassroots systems including community based organizations (CBOs), refugee led organizations (RLOs), women rights organizations (WROs) and youth groups in programme design and implementation. Consequently, these grassroots organizations will also be considered for sub-granting. With this brief background, RCK wishes to engage the services of a consultancy firm to review and put in place sub-grantee management system including reporting requirements.


The main objective of the consultancy is to develop RCK’s general sub-granting policies, procedures and processes. Specifically, it will-

  1. Review the current RCK financial systems in view of managing large funds including sub-granting to other organizations.
  2. Develop sub-grantee management systems in line with the RCK financial management. The sub-grantee management system shall include;
  3. Process of soliciting sub-grantee that ensure that due diligence is carried out
  4. Sub-grantee engagement and contracting
  5. Sub-grantee reporting and monitoring
  6. Sub-grantee close out and project evaluations.
  7. Integrate sub-grantee management into the organizational Office Dynamics ERP system.
  8. Train staff on the developed sub-grantee systems


The operational scope of this consultancy service will include:

  1. A scoping study of best practices in sub-grantee management
  2. Interview RCK staff and partners including auditors on areas that need to be improved in finance management with respect to sub-granting
  3. In close collaboration with RCK’s IT department and consultants, incorporate sub-granting management in the ERP system
  4. Develop draft sub-grantee manual for management to review
  5. Submit final sub-grantee manual


The process will be led by an independent consultancy firm or individual consultant(s) skilled in the field of finance management for large multi-grants with provision for sub-granting. The consultant will be guided by RCK Finance and Administration Officer, Executive Director with support from staff and RCK Board of Directors.


The shortlisted consultant(s) is therefore expected to provide the following deliverables:

Deliverable 1: Summary of interpretation of the TOR and work plan.
Deliverable 2: A succinct RCK organizational sub-granting policy together with a general sub-granting Agreement template. Both the policy and Agreement template MUST demonstrate the key principles of sub-granting including transparency, equal treatment, co-financing (where applicable) and non-retroactivity.
Deliverable 3: Capacity-build RCK relevant staff on the newly developed sub-granting manual
Deliverable 4: Integrate sub-granting components into RCK’s ERP system


The consultancy is expected to start on 17th August 2023. Final documents are expected to be delivered to RCK by 6th October 2023.


  1. A registered firm with citable experience in delivering similar work for not less than 3 years.
  2. Registered firm with the required set skills for the assignment.
  3. Knowledge of IKEA Foundation and RCK operations and environment and Office Dynamics Business Central ERP will be an added advantage.

Interested candidates should submit a concept note regarding this consultancy which should include the following:

  1. Description of company/organization/personal profile.
  2. Previous relevant experience – listing previous work relating to manuals and standard operating procedures. Attach 3 copies of similar work done/ contracts/ LPOs.
  3. CVs of person(s) to carry out the assignment and their contact details. The staff should members of the relevant professional body.
  4. Current contact details of three referees. Preferably, referees who can attest to previous manuals developed.
  5. Proposed methodology and proposed consultancy work plans. 
  6. Proposed cumulative consultancy fee.


To facilitate the consultancy work, RCK will:

  • Prepare a consultancy contract with the consultant.
  • Make financial consultancy payments directly to the consultant(s) in accordance with the contract.
  • Inform, and mobilize its Finance and Admin Officer, Executive Director, staff and key stakeholders to participate in the various stages of this exercise.
  • Provide all relevant background documents or reference materials including, current manuals and working partner policies etc. to assist in the implementation of the consultancy assignment.
  • Organize internal validation meetings of the review exercise and other meetings as agreed upon with the Consultant.
  • Organize travel logistics (where necessary) for the Consultant to its beneficiaries and stakeholders  


Interested consultants are expected to submit two sets of proposals, one Technical and another Financial, clearly marked as such, and sent to: on or before 8th August 2023.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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