Daily Nation: Refugees in Kakuma Camp to skip meals as food rations halved

More than 420,000 refugees at Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana County face hunger after the World Food Programme (WFP) halved food rations at the beginning of October.

It is a double tragedy at the camp as more than 400 refugees were diagnosed with malaria after an outbreak claimed at least 30 lives in several parts of the country.

The reduced food rations will mainly affect thousands of children who are likely to suffer malnutrition.

“Refugees will eat less or even skip meals. Children will miss vitamins and minerals, which could result in a rise in malnutrition,” said Mr Victor Mwanyalo, a World Vision Food Assistance project manager at Kakuma.

World Vision distributes food at the camp in partnership with WFP.

According to humanitarian agencies in the region, more than Sh2.8 billion is required to feed the refugees for the next six months.

The refugees require cereals, legumes, vegetable oil and nutrient-enriched flour for a balanced diet.

The World Vision Kenya National Director François Batalingaya urged the international community to urgently protect children by bridging the food gap following the cut by WFP.

“We need to ensure that every child gets the support they need to reach their full potential,” he said.