Capital: Online market for products by refugees, host community unveiled

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Norwegian Refugee Council has launched a digital platform that aims to market refugee and host community products in Kenya, Eastern Africa Region and Worldwide.

The platform dubbed Sparkbay Online Marketing platform is in partnership with Kilimall and will provide refugees and host community members’ better access to online markets in order to build sustainable livelihoods for economic and social wellbeing.

To help the refugees improve their business skills, DFID has also launched KUZA BIASHARA a digital micro learning and community platform providing youth, women and micro-entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship and soft skills.

The Kuza Biashara digital kit is backpack fitted with Offline Wi-Fi gadget called Ruka, 20 Tablets, a charging system and earphones fitted with micro-modules on entrepreneurship and Soft Skills.

The learners are able to the content that is on Video and text via the tablets. Typically, community resource person will visit a community learning centre that is pre-arranged with the learners.

They will meet the Learners, some of whom are accessing digital learning for the very first time, take them through the steps to digital learning, others will join with own Smartphones and others will borrow off the Tablets from friends, these are mainly the devices they use to access the digital platform.

He says the move will strengthen the Business Capacities of the Beneficiaries and guide their Entrepreneurship Journey of the Youths in both Refugees and Host Community.

The platform also helps beneficiaries of Vocational Training to build a business model around the vocational skill and also helps the beneficiaries monitor the business progress and performance thus reducing the rate of business failures.

All learners with smartphones can access the platform as long as they are within the Ruka reach.