2012 Annual Report

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The year 2012 was a very exciting and dynamic year for the Refugee Consortium of Kenya (RCK). The
organization was able to achieve important milestones in line with its mission of protecting and
promoting the rights and dignity of refugees and other forced migrants.

To begin with, RCK succeeded in lobbying for the enactment of the legislation on internal displacement
through the Protection, Prevention and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons Act, 2012. RCK also
played a key role, in partnership with other stakeholders, in lobbying for the fast tracking of the approval of the IDP Policy by the Kenya Cabinet as well as in the review of the Refugees Bill, 2011.

In 2012, RCK achieved an 84 percent increase in terms of the clients that RCK attended to in the legal aid programme. This is a notable increase in the numbers of beneficiaries, assisted compared to the
previous year and is a testament to the fact that more and more refugees are coming to RCK seeking
legal counselling services and that RCK is living up to its passion and motive of Keeping Hope Alive for Refugees.

In order to be able to monitor and evaluate the impact of the services that RCK offers.